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The Lord of Sickness,

The God of Plague

"With over a decade spent in the death metal trenches, Northern California's THE NEW PLAGUE has remained largely under the radar. That needs to change, as the band has consistently churned out well written death metal with an old school spirit and a knack for solid songwriting. I remember thinking that the group had a good thing going when I reviewed "Shackled and Enslaved" back in 2002. "Insatiable" not only continues in the quality vein, but it is also easily the best thing the band has ever written and recorded.

Nothing here breaks the death metal mold, but everything is well written and chock full of passion. There isn't a bum track on the disc. While a good portion of the disc is similar to the kind of delivery heard from DRAWN AND QUARTERED and INCANTATION, a decidedly blackened (and serrated) edge is present throughout. Songs like the up-tempo "Welcome to the End" fall squarely into the dirty/doomy death category. It is also one of several songs that include excellent changeups into groovier territory. The best example of that balance between blast beat ferocity and pit-worthy, head banging chug occurs on "The Conqueror", a song with a blackened soul (including alternating black/death vocals from guitarist Adam Whitley) and yet another memorable chorus. That knack for a DM hook continues on "God Can't Save Me", while "Da'ath – The Afterlife" and "Thicker than Blood" come with more killer pace/riff shifts. In other words, THE NEW PLAGUE does a terrific job of keeping things interesting from beginning to end.

Throw in a few light/classical-esque bits (the "Of Demonic Possession" interlude, as well as the "Hells Mouth" intro and a left turn on "Darkness Eternal") and you've got yourself a well round death metal album. Check out THE NEW PLAGUE at and find out for yourself. As John McEntee (INCANTATION) has argued throughout his career, death metal is about feeling as much as anything else. THE NEW PLAGUE has certainly got feeling and some pretty good songwriting too."


Some kind words from our friends over at Blabbermouth... The New Plague formed in the summer of 1995, in Auburn Ca. Originally consisting of David Wright - Drums, Adam Roberts - Bass and Adam whitley - Guitars & Vocals. Already having a 5 song demo "Stormbringer" recorded by Adam W. and Dave when Adam Roberts had been recruited. The next few years brought critical member changes. David Wright parted ways in 1997 and Roberts and Whitley continued to write and perform without a drummer and with the help of an Alesis Drum machine. Another demo was recorded at this time consisting new material titled "Cult of the Dragon". Utilizing a Drum Machine was short lived and the band recruited Drummer Aaron Copelan. At this point, everything changed. The caliber of musicianship leaped forward and The New Plague gained local traction quickly. In 1999 the band entered Digit Sound Studios in Oakland Ca. and began recording the debut classic death metal album "Shackled and Enslaved". Soon there after TNP were picked up by Indiana based label "Cursed Productions" and mass produced. Shortly after this milestone, Adam Roberts took his leave from the band. At this time, Adam Whitley recorded the EP "Diary of a misanthrope" as a throw back to the days of the Drum Machine as well. With Shows booked and their first tour on the rise, the band sought out a new bassist. With only 2 weeks until embarking on a west coast tour with the Legendary MEAT SHITS and grind band Purgatoria, The New Plague recruited bassist De Diego Garcia. with mere days before the tour began, Diego stepped up to the plate and  took the reigns of permanent bassist. Countless shows and festivals were played for the next few years, Travelling all over and making a name for themselves everywhere they hit the stage. in 2007, The new plague entered Bove Studios, in Daily City, Ca. to begin recording their second offering, "Insatiable". A 14 song Milestone that shone through both in composition and skill. During the recording process, Second guitarist John Hatfield was recruited and the band, Once again evolved, becoming a well oiled unstoppable machine with added depth to the live guitar work as well as a different approach to lead guitar. During this period, The New Plague saw great success in the live music scene and were quickly signed by Deathgasm Records. With the CD release of their second album Insatiable also saw the departure of John due to relocating for MIT. and just months after saw the temporary departure of drummer Aaron Copelan as his career of long haul trucking began. These became the dark days in the history of The New Plague. A 5 year hiatus ensued from 2009 to 2014 only playing select few shows and festivals. This type of blow to a band gaining so much success can destroy it at its core. Founding member Adam Whitley and Diego Garcia never stopped working on the material and recruited various stand in musicians until 2014 when Drummer Aaron Copelan returned to the band permanently again. Within a few months, The band was up and rolling once again. Booking shows, Playing Festivals, new material in the works....22 years. 22 years and The New Plague is still at it. With a third full length album currently in the works, and a steady flow of show dates, The New Plague are here to stay.

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